The one thing that I am exceptionally good at is producing very head strong offspring. The one thing I really had to work at was learning to parent them. Each one seems to be more difficult than the last. Some days are much easier than others, but in the end I know that I am sending very unique and individual children into the world. It is just getting them there that proves to be difficult. 

     I can feel that day looming on the horizon. Every day, it seems to inch closer and closer, and there is not a thing I can do about it. The other night, I was laying in bed doing my nails. The light was off, but I had the bedside lamp on, which is typically more than enough light. My husband and I began debating something that required me to read the back of the nail polish bottle. It was that moment I realized I had the eyes of someone who is middle aged. I blinked a few times, squinted a little, I even moved the bottle closer to my face. It was all in vain. I couldn't read the damn white print. I was convinced the issue was the bottle until I turned on the light and the words magically appeared on the bottle. Every day, I get one day closer to being thirty seven years old. It is happening and I can't change it. 

     Instead of spending a ton of money at the store to make your home smell fresh, you can make your own in under thirty minutes. The best part is, you probably have all the ingredients. It is pretty simple, here's what you are going to have to gather:
1/2 cup Downy UnStopables (use your favorite scent)
4 tsp baking soda
1 c. boiling water 
spray bottle 
bowl to mix 
funnel to easily transfer

This is a quick and easy Banana Bread Recipe you can whip together in a few minutes. It is perfect for when you have a few overly ripe bananas to use instead of tossing them. Feel free to add to the recipe to make it your own (cinnamon, walnuts, etc). The bread stays good for up to three days and tastes wonderful warm. Enjoy! 

     So, the entire journey started last week when I was scrolling through Facebook. It actually probably goes back much further than that, but for time's sake, we can begin there. I don't spend much time trolling social media, even though it is probably a prerequisite for my job. I typically do what I need to do and then I am off to do mommy and wife sorts of things. Anyhow, last week I was bored and was checking out my Facebook feed. This is where things typically go downhill. Usually when I spend too much time on social media I find some craft to attempt that never turns out exactly right, or a recipe to recreate that ends up inedible. This time, I found a house.