You have taken your time to read my blog, so I probably owe you a bit of insight into who I am. My name is Tre, and first and foremost I am a mom. Some days are better than others, but they are all perfect in their own way.
     The husband and I live a pretty normal life. If normal means raising a teenager, a nine year old, and a toddler. It's chaotic and fun. I gave up trying to be a perfect parent somewhere around the time my first child had his first birthday. It was too much work and I was too stressed out all the time. I was missing all the fun I should have been having. I stopped listening to everyone else's opinions and quit reading all the parenting books. I listened to my own instincts and did what I thought was right. Granted, I am still super Type A so fun for me is organizing bookshelves with the kids. Finger paints and things of that sort make mommy take a time out (some days with her favorite wine glass).

     For myself, this is my second marriage. For the husband, it is his first. I am committed to make it work this time. Sometimes, to a detriment. The husband travels a substantial amount for work, which adds its own set of issues. For the most part, we work well together. We balance each other. We also deal with the same issues most other couples face, and some they don't. 
     Our children are an eclectic bunch to say the least. The oldest child is a fifteen year old boy. He is amazingly smart and we really can't ask for much more. Over the past year oldest has developed this need to debate us on every sentence we speak. I assume this is the pain in the ass teenage years most parents refer to. I'm wondering when these years pass...then I look at my husband, and I realize I could be waiting a very long time. 
     Our middle child is the nine year old little girl. She is brilliant in her own right. She can tell you so many intricate facts about bugs and weather that you would have never guessed. Middle child reads more books than most adults do in a lifetime. She is also our strong-willed kid, and that is being kind. Middle child will make an amazing leader one day, as long as she can get people to tolerate her bossiness. 
     The youngest child is a little boy who is almost two years old. Raising him is a family activity due to the age of the other children. It is sort of like having two half-assed, full time, nannys. No matter how poor they are at the nanny gig, they are awesome at the brother and sister job. Oldest and middle dote on youngest child,day in and day out. Youngest is your average toddler. He is smart and funny and has an affinity for his sister's shoes, headbands and the color pink. 
     This is what makes up my life. Some of it anyhow, but if I told you all of it now it would be a shitty blog. So, welcome and enjoy. 


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