We have three cats, the youngest one is having kittens. We believe in fixing our cats. However, two days before Little Kitty was to get fixed, she escaped the confines of our home. Now, she has a belly full of kittens. 
     We have been trying to tell our kiddos that Little Kitty needs her space and you need to be careful with her belly. The older children understand this and treat her gently. Youngest child, not so much. So, to get him to understand I used my nonperfect parenting skills to the max. 

      I took youngest and sat him down with the cat. I took his hand and put it on her belly. "There are babies in there," I told him, and then I pointed to his belly and said, "babies". As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I realized my mistake. Youngest child loves babies. He now thinks he has babies in his belly.  
     Youngest child spends most of his mornings pushing his baby stroller around our living room and feeding his baby doll that cries when it wants it's bottle. Youngest currently believes he and Little Kitty have screaming baby dolls in their bellies. I need work at the mommy thing or at least work on my wording for kitty pregnancies. 


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