It is road trip season again. This means, if you have more than one child and you are driving more than ten feet down the road, you will hear fighting in the car. Siblings tend to find anything to pick on each other about. The husband and I can vouch for this first hand. We have also found an amazing way to combat it.

      In the past, oldest and middle would usually bicker to the point it would make our road trips miserable. We would try pulling over, playing games, singing, turning the radio up, yelling, we tried everything. Everything we did, they outdid. They fought about what game we should play, what we should sing, what station to listen to. You get the point. It was miserable. 
     One day it hit us. The kids were fighting, and we couldn't deal with it. So, we pulled over and started making out. They see us kiss all of the time, and beg us to stop. So, in order for us to stop, the fighting needed to quit. If it started again, the kissing would start again. It was enjoyable for the husband and I, and it brought silence to the backseat. 
     To this day, all the husband and I need to do is get near each other when the kids fight and they stop. It is magical. Feel free to use it in your home, your significant other won't complain!


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