It was a rough start making it out the door the day we were leaving to go to West Virginia. Really, really rough. To the point I cried. In the end, it was worth it. Our weekend was amazing. I never in a million years would have thought I would have said that, but I am. We survived camping an entire weekend with three children, and HAD FUN.   
     We stayed at Pegasus Campground in Elkins, WV. This is honestly one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. We weren't actually tent camping this trip, our home was the bus pictured above. It was awesome! Inside were four single beds and a double that the husband and I took over. Bus camping was so much fun for the brood, they loved it! We had fires, made mountain pies, went hiking, and had a ton of fun. 
     The only downfall of living in a bus for a weekend is taking along a pack 'n play. The crib is as wide as a bus aisle. This isn't really an issue until the baby, who finally falls asleep, is lying in the crib between you and your bed. Trying to maneuver over a pack 'n play, in complete darkness, without making noise, is damn near impossible. However, we made it through the weekend without falling on youngest child while trying to climb to our bed. 
     Middle child and I became buddies this weekend. She was attached to my hip. Middle does not like any sort of insect that flies or makes a buzzing noise. I do not for a second think she believes I can protect her. I think her intent is to use me as a barrier if the scary flying, buzzing bugs ever attack. For these few days, she became my shadow. It was pretty awesome. 
     Oldest child remained his aloof self most of the time. There was no internet service where we were, so he was stuck with us instead of his phone. He did admit to the husband and I that he had fun. This is a huge pat on our backs coming from Mr. Oldest Indifferent Child. 
     We had a beautiful weekend detached from society for the most part. We did silly things we don't usually have time for at home. Camping is simple and fun, that is why we love it. Well, the husband and I love it and we drag the kids along. They like it a whole bunch though! 


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