Today, we embark on our first trip of the summer with many more to come. This follows oldest child's birthday party last night, which lasted until midnight. This is well past the husband's and my bedtime. This morning, we were dragging. The brood, they were not. Somehow, youngest child stays up later and he thinks this is his cue to wake up an hour earlier the following morning. So, this morning the husband and I were forced into the day with enthusiasm brought on by three children still on a sugar high from birthday cake and Pepsi the night before. 

      Because we had a party to get ready for we had nothing packed this morning. I am typically much more prepared for these things. Not packing goes against every fiber of my type A being. In this situation, I had no choice. This morning was a shit show. Breakfast to make, bags to pack, children to get ready, a house to clean from last night, then the dishwasher broke. Actually, to say it broke is an understatement. It was gushing water into our basement. That is a more accurate description. It was chaos. The husband and I took two minutes to cuddle on our bed while I fought off tears. 
     Eventually, the car got packed and we made it out the door. Quick head check and we were on the way to West Virginia!


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