Middle child repeats things. Not just once, but many, many times a day. To the point it would drive the sanest human mad in a matter of minutes. If I wasn't her mom, I don't think I could cope. Instead, I take a deep breath and I answer her same question for the fourteenth time by ten in the morning. I smile to myself, and I realize I am lucky to have such an amazing and intelligent little being in my life. 

     Middle child has quirks, questions are one of them. About six years ago, the reigning question was "What time is it?" She would ask the question every two minutes. I taught her to tell time. It didn't matter. I bought her a watch. It didn't work either. It was just how she filled wordless moments. Every two minutes, I would tell her what time it was. There were times I would lose my shit. Imagine having a five year old walking after you twelve hours a day, asking you what time it is every couple minutes. I guarantee you wouldn't keep it together after a few years either. 
     After the kid's bio dad abandoned them, her question of the minute changed. She asks a different one now. This one is much harder to get frustrated by. Every few minutes she asks the husband or I, "Do you love me?" We always answer her that we do and she follows with, "how much?" We have various answers, like more than you know and infinity. It is one of those questions that you can't really answer well enough for her because there isn't a definitive answer. Either way, we answer her until she is satisfied and two more minutes pass. 
     I love middle child's quirks. She is a beautiful and amazing girl. Some see what she has as a disability, but if I had the choice I wouldn't change a thing about her. 


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