Our Love Story 


    Every once in a while something clicks when you meet someone, and that something will alter the rest of your life...forever. 
     So, the husband and I met way back in high school. He was adorable and had dimples. I was incredibly shy and backward. He and I were friends, but he was actually dating one of my best friends. After they broke up, I took him to the prom because I felt sorry for him. Since I am the one penning this, I can put whatever spin on it I choose. Actually, we both decided to go together because it seemed like a lot of effort to find real dates. I was incredibly excited because I had the world's  biggest crush on him. He just seemed ambivalent. We went to the prom, and I swear I am the only girl to have never gotten kissed on prom night. To this day, I still give the husband a hard time about it. 

     I went home, brokenhearted. A few months later, I graduated and went off to college. He and I swore we would keep in touch. He came to visit me in college once the following year, but then we lost contact. Fast forward many years, my bad marriage, his relationships, blah blah blah...and then it happens.
     We always joke that we need to send Mark Zuckerberg flowers. It is because of Facebook we found each other. I still have the message I sent him. It is a quick note asking if it was really him and then he replied with his phone number. I called him, assuming he was married and had a family. I was divorced and had two kiddos, and was not looking to date. I had my children and my career, I was content. He had recently moved back to Pittsburgh and I had never left. We met the following night at my home.
     That night, he knocked on my door and I saw him again, something clicked. I don't know why it didn't happen years before, but it happened that very moment. The second he said hi and hugged me. I swear for a flash the world stopped. We talked for a bit, I can't even tell you about what. I found out he wasn't married, no kids, and he lived nearby. I knew I loved him. That night I got the kiss I had waited so long for. We have been inseparable ever since. 
     So many people wait for love. There are so many definitions of love. For me, it is having balance. I am so all over the place, and the husband grounds me. I bring out his spontaneity and crazy. We are nothing alike, yet we are exactly alike. There are so many times a day I want to kill him, but I don't because I would be left with three kids and I love him. We have been through the trenches together, and we made it because of our love. There is no one else I ever want to wake up next to, and I knew that the night he walked in my door. 
    Here is a funny ending to our love story....I went back and looked at our first messages just to write this. We generally don't message each other much on Facebook, but after our initial messages to each other, the very next one is a message dated a few mondecoration idea for our baby's nursery who we were expecting at the time. That baby is now youngest child. 


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