I remember a time when I lived alone, and I took it for granted. I was young and so oblivious to how fortunate I was. I could walk around naked and no one complained. There was no one to barge into the bathroom when I was peeing. I could sleep until noon and it didn't matter. I wasn't responsible for anyone but me. I kind of have roommates now, and they are awful. Times have changed.

     The husband makes fun of me because I pee maybe twice a day. I am firmly convinced this is because as soon as I take one step into the bathroom, all hell breaks loose. Oldest is typically tattling, middle is usually debating, and youngest is trying to climb something he shouldn't. This is in the two minutes it takes me to do my business and wash my hands. I believe my body has adapted to the children's antics. It has gone into survival mode. 
     Each and every day, without fail, I go to get dressed and a child will follow. Oldest won't barge in anymore, I have given him enough to talk to his future therapist about already. Middle child will prance up the stairs to ask me a question that could not possibly wait until I get ready for the day. It is usually something obscure and silly like how many giraffes live in the world or what happens if you drop a tennis ball off the Empire State Building? If it isn't middle, then youngest comes rambling up the carpeted stairs. You can hear him coming a mile away. We have a jar of pretzel rods for him in our room. I stop getting dressed, give him his obligatory pretzel, then he proceeds to steal my shoes and clothes. I usually go back downstairs, still in my pajamas, defeated by endless questions or theft.
     Kids smell weakness. They are like wolves. They wait until you are prone to a headache, embarrassment, or distraction to get what they want. People without children may think a two year old is not capable of manipulation. However, any two year old knows what snacks to reach for when mommy is on an important phone call. I don't know if it is my voice, or my body language, but youngest child will go for anything he can't have when I cannot tell him no. The kids will also do this around their grandparents, it is awesome.
     My roommates are loud, obnoxious, ungrateful, and have a horrible understanding of personal space. But, I would not trade them for anything in the world. They are my beautiful family. 


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