I remember when I first had oldest child, I was a helicopter mom. The child couldn't sneeze without me running him to the doctor. He had to have the best toys, the cutest outfits, and the most adorable everything. I read books on the best way to burp him, the safest way to potty train, and how not to screw him up too bad. I don't believe I finished that book, come to think of it. I would talk to him endlessly, and he learned at a very early age to roll his eyes at me. I admit, I annoyed myself, I was one of those parents. 

     Then, middle child came. She was my first girl. So, frilly dresses, there were many. Pink, it was everywhere. But, I learned to relax. I learned kids cry, and it is okay. They are the whiniest little creatures on earth, next to kittens. I accepted they get sick, and I do not have to run to the ER. I learned that my kiddos are okay if they do not have the best of everything or the most of something. I realized all they really needed was my love and attention and they would turn out just fine. So far, I have been right.
     With the birth of youngest, came the numb. I say this jokingly. It is that feeling you get when you are driving down the road and the baby is in the back screaming, oldest is trying to tell you about a book he read, and middle is singing at the top of her lungs. That is the numb, so I am half-joking. It is that blocking out that we all do as parents, because if we don't, we would stop having children and the human race would cease to exist. Youngest child sort of got tossed in to the mix of our family. He goes with the flow and doesn't complain much. By the time he came, I learned that unless there is blood or bones, I am going to keep going about my day and everything will be just fine in the end. It took me this long to learn that an afternoon of pushing him around in a cardboard box is more fun to him than any video game. Anything that is free is typically much more enjoyable to a child than something you just spent your money on. 
     It has been a long fifteen years to accept the numb feeling, but it is pretty nice. The kids have way more fun. Best of all, no one rolls their eyes at me anymore, except for the husband, but that is expected. 


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