Yesterday we hit that sad point our family reaches every summer. It is marked by the husband's birthday, July 16. So, each summer everything leading up to that point is "after school is over". After July 16, is "before school starts".
    So as of today, it is all downhill, sliding into the next school year at full speed. I am bummed out. Where the hell is the summer going so fast? I swear the kids just got out of school. Now, every store I walk into there are lunch boxes and notebooks greeting me at the door. 

     I give the kids a hard time, most days. I tell them I will enjoy the peace and quiet when they are gone. There is nothing further from the truth. I love the fun and chaos that they bring to our home. I love summer and the sleeping in, the nights by the fire and camping with the kiddos. I believe it all goes so quick because we race to pack each day so full of memories. Even days that we force ourselves to clean the house and stay home, we have so much fun. 
     This year will be hard. Oldest is going off to high school and it will break my heart. I realize every summer is one of the last I will have him to myself. It was a harsh realization. I look at middle child and dread her going back to school. Each year brings so many new challenges. I will have youngest here at home for a few more years, so I won't be completely alone.
     I want it to be summer forever. Not the really hot days, that would be terrible. But the nice 75 degree, kids are outside playing, ice cream truck is gong down the street, everyone is happy, sort of days. No fighting about homework, running to track meets, no early bedtimes. Summer is just easy. I love it, and it is almost over. 


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