Have you ever just had one of those days where no matter what you tried to do, it just wasn't right? Those sorts of days always start off with the best of intentions, but somewhere throughout the day you just say screw it. Today was that day for me.  It started off really great, I kissed the husband goodbye when he left our portable hotel home and went to work, from there it was all down hill. 

     I try to make each of our trips something really special. I know that we are building memories with our kids and these are things they will remember forever. I really try to keep my shit together, no matter how annoyed I get. Sometimes, it is really very difficult. When we first started this whole traveling together thing, it sounded amazing. But, picture five people living in hotel rooms for days on end, one that is still in diapers. The amazingness wears off quickly. However, the husband and I still do it to keep our family together, for at least part of the year.
     Today just started off bad. I woke up and did not have my brush. If you are a girl you know what I mean. You have YOUR brush. I left MY brush at home. I was so busy packing everyone else's everything, that I left my hairbrush on the sink. For most most people a brush is a necessity, although my kids would disagree: oldest throws his hat on, middle hates brushing her hair, and youngest...well, he doesntOkay, no biggie, right? Well, if I had a car it really wouldn't be a huge deal. Except our car is at work with the husband. So, oldest goes to the front desk to see if they have a brush to purchase. He comes back with a comb. Not just any comb, but a little black comb like you got back in grade school on picture day. Yes, that sort of comb. When I was brushing...well, combing...middle's hair, you would have thought I was ripping out fingernails. It didn't go well. Although, I may have found a new form of punishment in our house. 
    The day just got worse from there and it just kept going. At home when I have a bad day, I always have somewhere to escape to. I go outside, or to our room, for a time out. When we travel we are stuck together. These experiences have made us so much closer as a family. Here, there is no time out. It is constant, but that isn't a bad thing. I don't think all families could handle it, or that all would really want to. I know we couldn't do it all year round. We appreciate our time apart also. But the time that we have for these few months is special. So, even on the worst days, it isn't all that bad. As I write this, I am the only one awake, but I am watching the four most important people in my life sleep in the room around me. It is a great night after a pretty shitty day. Oh, and the husband brought me wine earlier, the wine made it pretty awesome too. 


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