Each time we go to grocery store, middle child stares at the covers of the tabloids that are in the check out line. It is my fault also, I get distracted with putting the groceries up on the belt, so I don't stop her. But, she is just fascinated with the covers and what stars are getting fat or who has cellulite or who is the skinniest currently. These magazines sit at a nine year old's level and shout out, "This is what you need to be in order to be perfect." 

     I look at middle child and I see a little girl who is absolutely beautiful, there is nothing I would ever change about her. But because of our world, she doesn't see it that way. Just this year, she has started asking if she is fat. It breaks my heart. I remember feeling so ugly when I was her age. I would sit in front of my mirror and just hate everything about myself. Kids would make me feel so bad. Now, I am absolutely terrified middle child will feel this way. I don't ever want her not liking who she is, because she is really an astounding little person. Each day middle just amazes me and I always want her to feel special. 
     It is no secret that middle has a hard time in school. She feels like the girls who are mean to her are better than her, because they are prettier. I try to explain to her that pretty isn't on the outside, but to a nine year old that doesn't matter. Pretty to her is Cinderella and glitter and skinny and pink and all of the things that society has turned beautiful into. What do you say to a little girl when her classmates call her ugly? What do you tell her when she feels fat? As a parent, no matter what you tell them, those labels are still in their head and they still feel that way. Kids tend to be so dismissive when compliments come from their parents. 
     I long for the day that middle child will accept the brilliant and cute little girl she is. I want her to be comfortable with herself as a person and accept it, regardless of what anyone else may say to her. More than anything, I just want kids to stop being so damn mean.. 


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