They look so sweet and innocent, but they aren't. Maybe at times they act it, but they are typically snoring. Since youngest has hit toddler stage, our life has turned upside down. He rules our house. We all quietly admit it, even middle and oldest. We do what youngest wants, when he wants, or there will be hell to pay. 

     I used to have a clean house, it was awesome. I love order and cleanliness. Oldest and middle even started buying into the whole "putting things away after we use them" rule. Then, youngest came along. It started with a playpen and a playmat. The mess has blossomed into a living room and a play room that could rival any toy store on the East coast. The toys don't bother me, it is the fact that within five minutes of the little munchkin waking, every toy he has is thrown everywhere. Then, when I start to pick them up, he gets angry. This typically results in me dodging toys and kicks, while trying not to step on plastic dinosaurs, as I retreat to the kitchen to get some Goldfish crackers to make his highness happy. 
     I have to hide my food from youngest. No joke. If I have anything, he takes it. I think he overheard something about life insurance, because I am convinced the child is trying to starve me out. Even if he doesn't like what I am eating, he will take it and then throw it in the garbage. It has gotten to the point that I eat my meals at his nap time and bed time. I'm pretty sure he knows I sneak food, he always gives me that look when he wakes up.
     He is spoiled. It is completely our fault, probably mostly mine. The child gets so much positive reinforcement that when he is thirty and shows up for work, he is going to expect people to clap and shout "yay!" .  It doesn't help that he is adorable. Youngest child gets doted on everywhere we go. He can be screaming and taking a fit, tears streaming down his face, and if a stranger says hello to him, he is suddenly all smiles. Youngest never misses a chance to flirt. If I pull out my camera he jumps into a pose. 
     Youngest knows how to break the husband and I. If he hears the phone ring, he runs to the snack pantry and screams. If I am cooking, he takes the baby gate down and goes upstairs. Actually, the other day, the husband and I were cooking dinner and we lost him for a good while. He had taken the baby gate down and went upstairs without us knowing, and we thought he was playing in the playroom. So, why do we keep putting up the baby gate, right? Because youngest will scream bloody murder if we don't. Figure that one out. 
     Over the past week, youngest has developed the need to be held constantly. It is quite difficult to try to pee when he is banging on the door of the bathroom because you had to finally put him down. The husband and I switch off with him. When one is tired of getting hit and screamed at, we hand him to the other one. 
     Oldest and youngest are the best of friends. When oldest is getting home from school, youngest waits for him at the window. Typically, as soon as oldest walks in, youngest will walk over and smack him and then run away. Okay, well oldest really likes youngest a lot. Eventually, they will be really close, someday when youngest quits being a tyrant. 
     So, next month youngest will be two. I am assuming he is just getting an early start on the terrible year. However, if I remember right, three is even worse. Jeez, it was so much easier when he didn't have a personality and an opinion. It was awesome when he didn't know how to act like an asshole. We are waiting for it to come to an end, but I think we may have a while. Either way it's good with me, as long as he doesn't grow up too quick.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


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