I am so proud of my children. I really do have the best kids anyone could want. Granted, there are some days I like them a bit more than others. But, all in all, they are pretty awesome. 
     Even having the best kids in the universe, it does not make this whole mom thing any easier. There are so many times I question everything I am doing, and to what extent I am screwing them up. I try so hard to do everything right, but it is just so damn hard. 

     Most of my mommy pain comes from my kids dealing with peers. Not so much the older one, but definately middle. We are having some growing pains, and it breaks my heart. Kids can be so cruel, and as a parent you just want to protect them. When my daughter cries, because children make fun of who she is, I don't know how to answer. I tell her she is perfect, and beautiful. She tells me it doesn't matter what I think. She tells me she has no friends. I assure her I am her best friend, and to her that doesn't mean anything. I am not ten, so I guess I have passed grade school coolness. 
     Who the hell are these kids? What do their parents teach them? Although I may not know how to answer middle child when kids make fun of her appearance or actions, I always tell her she cannot ever be like them. It is a golden rule in our home, you never try to make another person feel bad, even if they are cruel to you. I keep telling middle child that she must keep chugging along and it will eventually get better. I assure her that mean people are that way because they feel badly about themselves. Then there is the whole list of things I really want to say. 
     I want to tell her that she is much better than these little brats could ever hope to be. She is a better person and she has a kinder heart than they ever will. I want to find the parents of these children and ask them what the hell they are teaching their kids. If they spent more time teaching their children to be nicer and kinder, then my child wouldn't have to suffer because of their shitty parenting. I want to tell my little girl that these kids are absolute trolls that don't deserve a friend like her anyhow, so screw them. I want to find the children and let them know how their words are going to affect my daughter for the rest of her life, because that is what happens to bullied children. 
     But I don't do any of these things. Instead, the husband and I hug the kiddos when they have a bad day. We give them a safe place to come to. They know that no matter what, we do not make fun or hurt people here. In the end, I know that I am teaching my children well. I know that they will never make anyone feel bad about themselves, and I know they are good people. I have done my part, I just wish all parents would. 


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