I remember when I was young, standing in front of my mom’s vanity. I would hold up her jewelry to my neck and ears. When she allowed, I would put on a bit of blush or lipstick. I was in awe of my mother, she was beautiful. My mother worked all of the time, but she still took care of my brothers and me. In total, there were four of us. I was the only girl and the oldest. My mom made everything look so effortless. From making us a hot breakfast each day to always looking beautiful for my dad. I wanted to be my mom. 

          Flash forward twenty some years later. I am definitely not my mom, but I know how she felt. I only have three kiddos, and I constantly feel as if I am losing my mind. Do you know that feeling you get, the one that you are forgetting something? After youngest child came, I constantly have that feeling. I am proud to say, I have yet to forget an actual child anywhere, no matter how much I may want to. They yell a lot which makes it quite hard to accomplish this. Most days, I lay in bed at night and wonder how I made it through the day. Parenting is hard. 
     Being a mom is a constant balance, and I am still trying to figure it out. I look at my childhood, and for my mother it seemed so easy and seamless. There were always hot meals, the house was constantly clean, she made time for all of the kids, and she did it perfectly. I feel like I cannot do anything right. There are many days I feel like a failure. No matter how hard I try, there are not enough hours. 
     With three kids, a husband, a home, and a job, time management skills are a must. However, balancing work and life is not my strong point. I fall behind on deadlines, my home looks like a tornado went through it, and each of my kids will tell you that I get grumpy when I am stressed. It happens. 
     I am one of the lucky ones who works from my home. I am at the kitchen counter, returning emails in my pjs most mornings. When I hear my kids in the other room laughing, I typically get distracted and feel the need to play. Being a mommy is who I am, everything else is secondary. I started my website because we have a pretty abnormal, normal family. We have a unique story, and it needed to be told. Not because I thought that it was so interesting that everyone would read it, but because I wanted others in our position to know they are not alone. Our family has been through a lot. We have dealt with domestic abuse, ADHD, Autism, heart defects, divorce, co-parenting, re-marriage, blending a new family and so much more. I know there are other families out in the world like ours. I know the pain, happiness, tears, and laughter. That is why I started my website. NonperfectParenting has grown and evolved into a full time job for me. My family loves and supports it. There are times they even get involved and help with it. My husband and children are my biggest supporters. Without them, I would be nothing. After all, I am a mommy first. 
     Each day is about finding that perfect balance. Giving your partner the attention they deserve, playing with your children, asking them questions about their day, catching up on all of your work that had been piling up around the house, and of course your job. I struggle with that balance a lot.  I feel the guilt of letting one or the other slip all of the time. I know my mother felt the same way, every parent does. I also know that I thought my mom was perfect. So, when you feel like your to-do list is ten miles long, the walls are closing in, and you won't see your bed for at least sixteen more hours, know that your child thinks you are the most perfect parent on this earth. They do not see your imperfections or faults. They see your beauty and your soul. You are amazing. 



Carol Burgess
01/06/2015 7:46pm

As parents we try and do the best that we can. No we can't always cook a hot breakfast. But that's ok. Just do your best

Carol Burgess
01/06/2015 7:49pm

Everything seems easier when you have family support. That's awesome. I want to become a blogger. But I haven't even taken the first step yet. Congrats having an awesome family behind your endeavors

Nancy Jachcik
01/08/2015 1:33pm

We all strive for the perfect balance in life and in most things we do Ironically it is rarely achieved but that doesnt stop us from trying our best!

Marya Mann
01/12/2015 5:15pm

I love the quote that goes "life is a about the journey, not the destination" this helps me find my balance. You are doing a wonderful job!

Katherine Riley
01/12/2015 7:00pm

Although we are empty nesters now, we still fight the balance battle. Some days are better than others and some are worse than others, but all in all it works out.

Shanna Rodgers
01/13/2015 10:44am

Thanks for a great read! Honest and down to earth.

christine roberts
01/13/2015 10:53am

I need more hours

01/13/2015 11:04am

Thank you for this post! I struggle with mommy guilt and finding balance daily. I often kick myself thinking that I should be able to do better and am constantly comparing myself to others and feeling like a failure. It is so nice to know that I am not alone.

Jessica Jarvi Bergman
01/13/2015 11:04am

Thank you for sharing this. I feel like this a lot, and it's good to know I'm not alone!

01/13/2015 1:36pm

One of the best conversations my daughter and I had was after she had 4 kids and commented on how she now understood some of the things I did and said when she was young. Some things you just never understand until you experience it for yourself.

Marya Mann
01/13/2015 11:06pm

You are doing a great job! Thanks for sharing!!

Marya Mann
01/13/2015 11:12pm

Had to comment again, your story is so inspiring me you tell it how it is. There are many days I feel the same way and I have ONE. I feel like such a terrible parent when house is a mess, laundry not done, dishes in the sink, and dinner not made by time hubby gets home. It's hard but I love being a sahm and always being there for my daughter.

01/14/2015 12:46am

Thank you for the good read. I often feel the same, but we do our best and love our families. That's the important thing! ❤

Jennifer Herman
01/15/2015 2:16pm

I definitely think that it's a balance or we at least have to try to balance it!

01/16/2015 8:58pm

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with us.

01/17/2015 7:56am

Just reading this again after having a particularly stressful and crazy day yesterday. I often tell my husband when he comes home that he is lucky that the house is still standing! I often wonder if things are this difficult for everyone, so I take comfort reading posts like this!

01/23/2015 8:34pm

I am so glad you did this site. You truly are an ispiration and you are right, our moms made it seem so effortless...

Linda Moffitt
01/25/2015 2:55pm

I Really hope they do think that I am a Good parent I feel as though I ignore them with everything I have been busy doing and never seem to be able to spend any quality time with them

Fiona N
02/01/2015 12:24pm

I am a single mom and sometimes I feel so stress in my life but Your story really inspires me. You are amazing! I hope my little one will think I am the most perfect mom on this earth, too!
Thank You So Much for sharing this awesome post! I love it :-)

Ashley M
02/01/2015 5:02pm

There's a video of Jim Gaffigan talking about having 4 kids. He says, imagine you're drowning and someone hands you a baby. I just had #3 and I feel that way! I was reminded recently that anything worthwhile takes hard work. Being a mom is hard, but worth it!

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