You know, it wasn't that long ago that I was a teenager. I remember how it was, even though you may not think I do. I remember how endless the school days were, which is why I am excited to hear about what you did, when you walk in the door. I know how annoying parents can be, so I realize why you roll your eyes behind my back. I even remember making that same semi-growling noise, when I didn't want to be bothered. Believe it or not, I remember exactly what it was like to be a teenager. It really wasn't so long ago, even though you may think we are so different and I don't understand you at all. 

     I appreciate you and everything that you are dealing with right now. I remember how terribly awkward those years were. There isn't one part of me that would want to trade you places. I know how difficult it is. That is why I really try to be pretty easy on you, even though you may think otherwise. In your head, I am probably the meanest mother in the world. Each time you break the rules, I have to set up the punishment. Why can't you understand that it really does make me just as sad as it makes you? I know that I never thought that way. I never put myself in my parent's place, or saw things from their perspective. I didn't give a shit if they were sad, I was just angry at them, all of the time.  
     The thing is, I may remember being a teenager, but I'm not one anymore. I'm your mom now. That is so much more difficult, and more rewarding, than any other time in my life. So, that means I am hard on you and I have to be the one to make tough decisions, like it or not. I need to be the one to keep things together. Even though, most days I feel like I am doing a shitty job. I hope you think I'm doing ok. I realize right now, you don't. But, in a few years I hope you look back and say "she was an awesome mom." Because I am trying really, very hard. I screw up, just like you do. The really sweet part of this whole parent gig is that I don't get punished. I just spend a lot of time bitching at myself. If you think I am hard on you, I am a million times harder on me. Every
     I love you, no matter what. I love you, even at your worst. I love you, forever. 



01/15/2015 1:48pm

Wow, well said! It really is a strange position to be in...a total role reversal. I am sure that you are doing a fantastic job, we are all hard on ourselves as moms. Just the fact that you are being so hard on yourself shows that you are an awesome mom! I am sure he will see it in time too.

Jennifer Herman
01/15/2015 2:12pm

WOW!!! Nice letter and lovely idea!

Rachel Jarm
01/16/2015 3:54pm

Very sweet

billie hill
01/17/2015 7:33am

I have a while for teenage years but really very well said!

Dorothy Boucher
01/17/2015 12:19pm

wow! how nice, this is really well written and I think every parent of teens should have something like this. I never wrote mine but verbally expressed it lol thanks for share

Katherine Riley
01/20/2015 7:39pm

What a great message to send to your teenager.

Linda Moffitt
01/21/2015 9:34pm

How nice and yet so true

01/23/2015 8:30pm

I love this. It takes me back and oh it was rough!!!! I'l be calling you when the boys are teens.

Lauren Hilbert
01/24/2015 4:27pm

What a sweet idea and letter!

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