After three children, volumes of parenting books, and two mother in laws I could probably write my own book on raising children. Instead, I can make it pretty simple. Laugh. 
     In our tiny, crazy family of five, things are not always ideal. The kids bicker and fight. There are days the hubby and I barely talk even though we both work at home. We have bills and payments just like every other middle American family. There are days that it is actually really, really hard to keep it together. Even on those days, we laugh. 

     A few years ago, I was in my first marriage. I would wake each day with this gnawing feeling in my stomach. I actually dreaded what the day would bring. It was a never ending cycle of sadness. I was miserable, and the worst part was, my children were too. I made them that way with my downed behavior and mentality. I was so depressed with the state of my life that I actually forgot how to laugh. Not that fake laugh that you do to be polite in public. But, a real laugh. The kind that makes you feel as if you are on the brink of tears. When I left my ex, I was in a bad place, but I knew the only way I could possibly go was up. I got better, and the first person who made me laugh....really laugh, I am married to now. 
     We laugh constantly, and we have fun. Even when life isn't fun, we still laugh. When the kids are being assholes, either hubby or I are being moody, and the world feels as if it is closing in, we laugh. There are some times it is all we have, but we do it. Even when I am down, my family can pick me up. They are silly and goofy and they put it all  into perspective. We all do it for each other.
     I can't really explain it, or how it helps. I truly think it helps us all talk more and keeps us all closer. Obviously, we are happier, but there is just something about laughing with the people you love. Parents typically get such a bad rap. We are the ones who lose touch with our kids and they say we don't understand anything children are going through. I can say, completely, my kiddos don't feel that way. Our family is open and honest with each other, even with the tough stuff. When it comes to those difficult situations, we always look for the positive side of things. We have taught our children to do the same. 
     Life isn't always easy, I know that firsthand. Raising children, while rewarding, is unbelievably difficult. It is the hardest job ever, and you can't quit. It is not simple, but you can make it easier. We do. We don't do anything different than most families, except we laugh way more than normal. Even when it seems there is nothing to laugh about, find it...it's there. Your kids will love it, and so will you. It is the best parenting advice I have. But then again, I am the epitome of a nonperfect parent. However, I am a pretty awesome one.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Jen Flesvig
03/14/2015 8:40am

Omgsh, Tre.... I was laughing so hard when you said, "Even when the kids are being assholes..." I've felt that way, (a time or two,) about my steppie. I love her to pieces, but when she acts like her mother and throws her little fits, I'm like, "Geezus, what a little asshole! Was I ever THIS much of a jackwagon to MY parents?" But, my husband and I make each other laugh ALL THE TIME. And you're right, not the fake, giggly, polite laugh. DEEP, GUTTERAL (sp), BELLY ACHING, TEARS FLOWING LAUGHS!
Thank you for this blog.... relatable and funny! ;)

03/14/2015 3:47pm

I love reading your articles! You are a great writer, and blogger. Please continue to share these awesome stories, I love reading them, sometimes, they help me to realize that when life sucks, it's really not so bad!! <3

03/21/2015 9:49pm

I thank you for all the pointers and comments. I appreciate blogging with you, and look forward to building our relationship in the future.

Emily Endrizzi
03/28/2015 11:15pm

I know that gnawing feeling well. It is miserable. I was like that with my ex-husband as well. It was no fun for anyone. My kids and I are much happier now. We laugh a lot, something that we almost never did before. Sure, life is far from perfect, but it has improved a great deal.

04/09/2015 9:34pm

This is awesome! It is SO true to ! Laughter is the best medicine :) I enjoyed reading this! Thanks.

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