For twenty minutes today I argued with a toddler about the benefits of wearing pants instead of shorts in the winter. I caved. He won.  I just couldn't do it anymore. He is sitting there is a diaper and a sweatshirt, yelling no at me, and I gave him the Spiderman shorts. The evil part of me wanted to carry his ass down to the front yard and plop him in the three feet of snow, but I didn't. Instead, I walked him down the steps and got him juice. He then threw the cup at me and yelled jeans. Youngest child is in the midst of the terrible twos. I may not make it to see his third birthday. He is draining me daily. 

     Some days, I don't know how I do it. I always try to make myself feel better and say it will pass, but oh my goodness getting there is so frustrating. This cute little bundle of awfulness literally happened overnight. I don't get it. One day, he was this lump of baby that I would carry around everywhere and play with while he drooled on himself. Now, he has OPINIONS and WANTS. He is two! Why the hell does he not understand I am the one who should be getting my way? I am the one who made him. I mean, the hubby helped, but I should still get my way. 
     I find myself arguing with him. We play superheros and he likes the little figures to fight. I argue with him that they should only hug and go for walks. This is a constant disagreement. The little guy does not like compromise, so in the end I quit playing. It is all very surreal. I can actually see myself having the disagreements with this little two foot terror, and him winning. In the end, I lose and end up stomping away like a child. It is insane. 
     He is this precious little timebomb always waiting to explode. If I don't pour the apple juice into the right sippy, he has a fit. If the little guy feels like wearing sandals out in the snow, arguing doesn't work. If I can't find his favorite stuffed animal (which changes daily) he will scream and stomp. 
     I keep saying that three is just around the corner. He is almost there...in ten more months. I don't figure that it can get much worse. Or, maybe it can. He will then be able to turn the knob, instead of just pounding on the door yelling "Mom", during mommy time outs. 


03/05/2015 11:13am

You are a good mom, and yes it will pass, but with the passing of old habits, come new habits. You have 3 so you already know. I think that with every argument you both learn something even if it is only something very small. Sometimes all you can do is give in, and let them learn on their own. Just keep up the amazing job, and know that you are soooo not alone! <3

Jen Flesvig
03/05/2015 1:34pm

Tre, I think I may have mentioned to you before that I am only a part-time mommy. My step-daughter lives in Texas and we live in Indiana. We only get to see her for 6 weeks in the summer and a week at Christmas. This means that her mother does all the "raising". When I married my hubby, I didn't know the first thing to expect about rearing children and frankly, I didn't really care because I had always known that I never wanted to have children. (But I am a damn-fine step-momma!) ;)
My steppie is now 12 and she has challenged me every step of the way, but I kept saying, "I've got this...I'm the adult....Ain't no 3 year old gonna tell me WHAT'S UP, NO MA'AM!" LOL But, quietly at night, after all her arguing, I realized that she really had separation anxiety from being away from her mom and that I am now the "mom" that she looked up to for help, being fed and clothed, read to, colored with, played with, needing to be taught..... So, even though she is older now, and has her own opinions, (and believe me I still am waiting to hear the...'I don't have to listen to you...You're not MY mom!',) I think that she and I have an understanding. Some days I wish I can undo everything her mom has done. But other days, I realize that without her testing me and when she fights me or forms her own opinions about stuff, that she is doing it to become who SHE is. Not who I want her to be. (Cause Lord knows the world can't handle TWO of me!) But, even though I didn't help create her, she is still taking pieces of her mom, her dad, her grandparents, cousins and, yes....even me and molding the best pieces of us to make the best of her.
I hope and pray that you have the courage and stamina to tell yourself, EVERY DAY, "I got this, I'm the adult, he'll outgrow this and look at how amazing the other two kids have turned out. This boy will have parts of you, hubby, his siblings, family and close friends, that will shape him into an amazing young man! :)
(Sorry for the novella!)

Marya Mann
03/06/2015 9:06am

Tre I'm there now. I know how you feel. Some days are harder than others. It's impirtant though to my always let him win but you DO have to pick your battles. You are a wonderful Mom and person. Don't let days like that get you down. Hugs

Gladys Aguilar
03/08/2015 10:47pm

Im there and get this article. I think each stage has its difficulties but tots is the most exhausting

Rachel Fuller
03/12/2015 9:26pm

This sounds like a typical day for me and my 4 year old. Some days I don't even know how I do it. He is a sassy boy and very particular about most things! I am glad I am not alone lol!

Aimee Trader
03/13/2015 1:27am

I feel like toddlers are the most exhausting.

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