Most days, I am pretty sure I have the most perfect life anyone can have. If you read my blog regularly, or keep up with me on Facebook, you know I love my kids, but I am pretty honest. I do not sugarcoat parenthood. It has its ups and downs. So, does marriage. In the end though, I love it. I sit here, on the night before Mother's Day, and I know exactly how lucky I am. I am so blessed with the most amazing family. My candidness in my writing my not always reflect how wonderful they are, but they are pretty great. I wouldn't trade them for anything....most days. 

     I have those days that I think what the hell was I thinking. I had two self sufficient kids, then I had another. I have a screaming toddler running around, wearing a helmet and chasing a cat with a plastic bat. Middle child is in the middle of a meltdown because there are bees outside, and our oldest insists the windows have to be open because the house is hot. Yes, we have screens. Try explaining to her that bees cannot penetrate screens. She does not give a shit. She hates bees as much as our cats hate plastic bats wielded by helmet wearing toddlers. I sit back and realize this is my life, and take a deep breath. Those days for a brief moment, I contemplate walking out...but I don't because I sort of like my little motley crew. 
     Most of my days are some mixture of the above, as most parent's days are. They are filled with what the fuck moments, and then mommy timeouts. There are also numerous laughs, smiles and hugs. Those are what make it all worthwhile. I like being a mom. I'm not sure why. Probably because I am a masochist, maybe because I like a challenge. Mostly, because I really love my partner and my children. They are the ones who make it all worthwhile. Being a mom can be trying and difficult. I started at a very young age, and I was a single mom for years. Now, I have the traditional family, and never once at any point in the journey has being a mom been easy. 
     Motherhood is so rewarding because it is hard. Anything you accomplish in life that is difficult is that much more rewarding at the end. Fortunately, with being a parent, there is never an end. This is a lifetime job that we embrace, if we choose to do it right. I know for me, I try to do my best, and I screw up daily. I constantly feel like a failure. I am just very thankful my children have incredibly low standards for "Best Mommy Ever". I push myself each day to do better and to try harder. If I do this in my job, in my other relationships, in other facets of my life, why wouldn't I do it with my children? 
     So, as I sit here on the night before Mother's Day, I would like to wish all of you celebrating a very Happy Mother's Day. I know what a hard job you have. I realize how much effort you put into your children, how much you stress on each little decision, and how you feel the burden of the world on your shoulders. You are all amazing moms! You are doing great! Nobody's perfect, but in your child's eyes you are. That is all that matters! 


Marya Mann
05/10/2015 6:03pm

You are amazing

Marya Mann
05/10/2015 6:04pm

You are amazing!

05/27/2015 10:46am

I love the honest assessments of parenthood best. Pins and status updates tell the shiny side, but hell, anyone who's been called dad or mom knows the truth: Parenthood is a mashup of heaven and hell.

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