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     Everyone has been jumping on the adult coloring bandwagon lately, so I gave it a try myself. It has been proven to be as therapeutic as meditation. With three kids running around on Christmas break, I need all the relaxation I can get. 
     Not really sure if coloring is your thing? There are a ton of places you can print out beautiful pages for you to try adult coloring for free. These pages are a great way to try out adult coloring to see if you love the new fad as much as everyone else does. 
      When you first begin, you will have to determine if you like crayons, color pencils, markers, or pens. For me, I love to use color pencils. They give you the ability to create a diverse colors on the pages. I also like markers when I am coloring thicker coloring pages. They make the pictures pop unlike pencils. If you are looking for an affordable color pencil set, check out these on Amazon. For markers, I love these ones, also on Amazon. Both produce great pictures and you will love the results. 
     This page, Coloring Pages for Adults, has a ton of amazing printables for those looking to start coloring now. I especially love this plant, with its symmetrical patterns. This floral image is also great and has a ton of intricate details.  I am a huge skull fan, and this page is filled with beauty and detail that will take hours to finish. Head over to Coloring Pages for Adults now and print out a few that you like and give it a whirl. 
     Love elephants? Grab this PDF of a super cute pachyderm to relieve your stress! This one is also awesome for kiddos! My daughter loved to color this cute little guy with me.  
     Here is a cute fox that adults and kids love! It is a simpler adult coloring page, so it is perfect for beginners. Grab the PDF here. These owls are a perfect accompaniment to the fox page! Print out the owl PDF here when you have a moment.  
     If you are looking for a way to keep your little ones busy on these cold winter days, here are some awesome printables for them! This dragon is perfect for kiddos with active imaginations. My little guy is loving dragons right now, so I printed a whole stack. These fun little aliens are going to look cute no matter what color they are! This sleepy kitty is perfect for little ones who want a more realistic page to color. 
     If you are looking for some low cost coloring books instead of printing, I have made a list! Check them out below. The Lost Ocean book is one of my all time favorites! It has super thick pages and the drawings are incredible. 

Creative Haven Creative Cats Coloring Book by Marjorie Sarnat
Creative Coloring Inspirations: Art Activity Pages to Relax and Enjoy! by Design Originals

     Now that wintertime is here, our family loves to color. I find that it is a great way to fill some quiet time in the evening after the kiddos are in bed. The hubby and I even color toCheck out the pages above and let me know what you think in the comment section below! 


Nikki Schouten
12/28/2015 6:10pm

I Love coloring! I totally agree! It's so stress free and takes your mind off of issues for a little while =)

Brandi Vidrine
12/29/2015 11:15pm

I've been wanting to give this a try. Thank you for the suggestions!

Jodi Hunter
12/30/2015 10:28pm

I bought one of these yesterday, it is wonderful.

01/01/2016 10:19pm


Lauryn R
01/02/2016 11:30am

I love coloring with my kids! :) I think it would be very relaxing to color these intricate drawings! I will definitely print one out to try out, thanks!

denise low
01/02/2016 12:30pm

Looks great. I would love to try this. I do like to color and doodle.

01/02/2016 6:51pm

I like to color but not that good at it. :)

kara kudro
01/03/2016 12:29am

I love this, I have been coloring with my kids for years, it's about time adults had their own coloring books:)

Katherine Riley
01/03/2016 6:35pm

I haven't tried adult coloring yet, but I think I will.

01/04/2016 4:44am

This really looks like a great way to shed the stress. I appreciate your pointers on keeping stress lower.

Dont forget about green tea!

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