Since we are a blended family, we started completely over with traditions. We wanted to start anew and fresh. We also didn't want to break the bank, especially during the holiday season. Need some tips on how to make your own family traditions? Keep reading! 
1. Every Christmas Eve, everyone in our house gets one gift. A new pair of pj's! They get to wear them that night, so when they wake up on Christmas Day, they look super cute! 
2. We surprise our neighbors with gifts. Sort of like ding dong ditch, but much nicer. We leave little gifts on their stoops and ring the bell for them to find. 
3. We make birdseed ornaments to feed the birds. They are super easy to make and for the little ones, they can always string popcorn! 
4. Keep a loose change jar in a visible part of your home. Have all family members donate through the year, and when the holidays come, donate to a worthy cause. 
5. Make Reindeer food! Need the recipe? Check it out here
6. A fun (and thrifty) Hanukkah tradition is to keep the gifts simple and minor, and put the focus on a theme for each night. (Charity Night, Family Game Night, Home Movie Night...)
7. Host a cookie swap or a gift swap in your neighborhood or playgroup. 
8. Have an ornament exchange. 
9. Decorate a gingerbread house together.
10. Have everyone in the household make a card for one another. Place it under the tree, and open them with the gifts on Christmas morning! 
11. Help your kids make their Christmas list or make a Dear Santa letter! 
12. Send you child's letter to Santa! Here's how 
13. Track Santa on his voyage. 
14. Go for a drive and check out the holiday lights in your area. 
15. Use an Advent Calendar to count down to Christmas. 
16. Make an "I am Thankful List" with your children. Put it away until the following year, and keep adding to it yearly. 
17. Start a canned food or a coat drive in your area. 
18. Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. 
19. Make cards and ornaments with your children for the local Senior Citizens Center. 
20. Write a letter to your child each year. 
21. Get outside and play. Go for a walk, or play in the snow! Enjoy nature.
22. Enjoy each other!


Jen Flesvig
12/15/2015 9:38pm

These suggestions are just the sweetest! Most of my life, I've been a "keep to myself" kind of girl. For 2016, I have vowed to push myself and strive to be a little more social. Accepting invitations to meet friends for coffee, lunch or cards.
There are so many WONDERFUL ideas up above and even though I won't do ALL of them, I will endeavor to start by doing some of them!
Thank you, Tre....for your kind heart and for teaching ALL of us, how to come together and be kind, selfless and loving to everyone!

Mary massaker
12/18/2015 7:49am

Love making own traditions, so glad to see that people still can be I've in good family time and encourage others to try to spend time outdoors. Love it..

Molli Vandehey
12/18/2015 2:34pm

these are great idea. i hate that so many holiday activities revolve around money

Amy Tolley
12/27/2015 1:07am

this is a great list thanks for sharing this such great things to do on this list...

01/03/2016 9:07am

Love these ideas. We buy clothes for the grand kids. I make baskets for the girls, nail polishes, candles, special soaps and lotions, they love their gift baskets. This year I put PJ's, candles, and manicure items in them.

01/04/2016 10:27pm

I love these suggestions! One of the free fun things we did this year was go see Santa at our local library. He was there posing for pictures, and there were crafts, hot chocolate, snacks, and a Christmas movie. Then we borrowed Christmas books to take home and read together, all free, tons of fun!

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