One of our family traditions is to whip up Reindeer Food so we can lure the Reindeer to our house. I love this quick and easy craft that kids of all ages can help with! I also use it as a Holiday Treat to send into school. Be sure to print out the PDF here that you can attach to the baggies of your Reindeer Food. 
1/2 cup porridge oats
1 tsp edible red glitter
1 tsp edible green glitter

You mix it up and put on the lawn. The magic happens when the Reindeer spots the food! You can modify the recipe as needed. Real glitter can be used instead of editable, I also change the color based on what I have. Pop in some marshmallows or cheerios too! Reindeer love whatever you have in the pantry. Have fun! 



Emily Endrizzi
12/25/2015 12:04am

Oh wow! This is very cool. I had no idea there was such a thing as edible glitter! Love it. Merry Christmas!

Sarah Phillips
12/26/2015 6:36pm

This is so cute & a great idea for the holidays! I'm going to have to do this next year to start this tradition with my family. Now to find a place that sells edible glitter...

Shannon Wichman
12/27/2015 7:24pm

This is such an awesome idea! I'll have to make some up for the little ones in my life next year.

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