Each year, our family starts the 52 Week Money Challenge. We set a goal that we all want to achieve, and we save for it. Last year, it was our family vacation. This year, it is re-doing bathrooms in our home. Whatever the goal, the 52 Week Money Challenge makes it super easy to save for! Want to see how it works? Check it out below! 
     For each week of the challenge you save a bit of money. We keep it on a jar in our home. For us, we like to see how much we are accruing and it makes it fun to show the kids and keeps them involved. You can use a bank account, savings, etc. I love this challenge because at no point are you putting away more than $52 in a week. That is less than we spend for a dinner out! So, we choose to forgo dinner and reach our goal instead! 
     Things always come up, so it makes some weeks a bit harder than others. That is why we don't always go in order of weeks. If one week we can put away $52 we cross that off the list (even though it is week 2). If we have a lot of expenses another week, and it is harder to budget, we use a smaller denomination and put that away. It is important to follow through and always cross off one of the weeks, no matter what! 
      How To Make It Work
      For us, we do it every Sunday. For all families, that might not be a good day. Payday might be the simplest. So, make your challenge day the day you get paid. You can also add more than the chart states, but never less! You want to make your goal, right?There are no hard fast rules. Do what is best for your family, but at the end you will be thrilled with the results! 
     Why Do It?
     If you start the first week of January and end the last week of December 2016 (52 Weeks) you will end with $1,378. You can do a lot with that money! We have been doing this for four years and it has changed a ton for us. I encourage you to involve your children in this process, because it teaches them to save. There may also be times they need to forgo some extras in order to make the challenge on a certain week! 
     Are You Ready?
     Ready to take the challenge? New Years is right around the corner! This is the perfect time to start. Think about what you would spend that cash on and get your family on board. I have, and I can't wait to remodel our bathrooms! So, get your chart here and think about where you will keep all your money! 


sherry butcher
12/19/2015 11:47am

I'm going for it again. I need to replace the lighting in the kitchen then the master bath. So here it is in writing and I'll start with my check on Dec. 30th. Thanks for the challenge!

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