Every kiddo loves to fingerpaint, and every parent hates the mess! In our home, we have found an awesome solution that works great, even on the go. Want to see how we fingerpaint the mess free way? Keep reading! 
     You will need paints (we use fingerpaint and glitter paint), a freezer bag that seals, and white paper. The whole project only takes a few minutes! 
     First, you will put the paper into the bag. Then, add your paint on top of the paper. Keep the paint in piles so the child can "paint" it later. 
     Finally, seal the bag and you are ready to paint! We love to take these with us when we are traveling or when dining out. It is a super fun way to entertain kiddos that doesn't involve a screen! If you want, secure the bag with packing tape to ensure it won't spill the paint. 


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