If you love to do your nails as much as I do, then you probably spend a ton on polish remover. I have also found an awesome way to make my own nail polish remover jars that work AWESOME! See how simple it is and you can refill them anytime you need to! It saves time and money. The best part is, you probably have everything you need right in your home! Keep reading for the directions. The whole thing takes under five minutes to make and costs under $1.00 per jar. 

     You will need scissors, a Mason jar (I use the mini ones), a magic eraser, and nail polish remover. You will only use about half of the bottler of remover if using the mini Mason. 
     Just cut the magic eraser in half and pop it into the Mason Jar! 
     Pour your polish remover onto the eraser, SLOWLY. You need to allow the eraser to absorb the liquid. There will be excess in the bottom of the jar also. Do not overfill, or you will have a mess when you close the jar! 
     Voila! You are all set. It lasts a ton longer than any store bought jars and it works for glitter, gel, etc. Perfect for travel also. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and twitter to keep up with all my latest tips and tricks! 


07/10/2016 11:14pm

What a creative way to use a dry eraser. I must try this DIY. Thanks! :)

Cheryl Everitt
07/11/2016 9:44pm

Thanks for sharing!

Amber Ludwig
07/13/2016 12:37pm

Love this!! Great idea and makes life so much easier!! Brilliant!!

Sarah Osborne
07/15/2016 2:07am

Awesome! I have both of these things in my house :)

Cathy Jarolin
07/16/2016 11:55pm

Thank you for this awesome tip! My nail polish will last a lot longer now!! Very Helpful! :)

ellen beck
07/21/2016 6:16pm

Thats very clever and using a mason jar would keep the fumes in well too. I also like using a magic eraser, those things are magic for sure with so many uses.

Stacey Roberson
07/21/2016 11:13pm

I love this idea! So much easier than trying to use a cotton swab to scrub off unwanted polish.

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