Have a book lover in your life? Then you probably have a million books! We have a ton in our home since we all read. One of our main challenges is finding a way to store them all. So, sometimes we need to get creative. That's where the floating bookshelf comes in. I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back, but I put my own spin on it. The original idea sacrificed a book to create the shelf. GASP! No book lover could ever do that! So, we had to find a way to keep the look and the book intact! Here is what we came up with. Enjoy! 
      First, you need to gather your supplies. For the books, we stopped by Goodwill and got all of the old Guinness Book of World Record books we could find. Our daughter loves them. These shelves were going in her room and we needed something super sturdy. Then we grabbed two L brackets at a hardware store, along with four screws and four wall anchors. Don't forget the anchors or the entire shelf collapses....trust me. Then you need Command Strips by 3M. These things are super awesome for so many things, grab them here
     Next, you want to put a command strip on the bottom of each L bracket. Do not remove the paper over the adhesive just yet! 
     Time to figure out where you want the shelf! Remember this is just the bottom. All of the books will "grow" up from this point. So, mark your points and be sure it is straight. At this time, the Command Strip should be facing down. 
     After you drill the first one into place, do the same with the second. The spacing should be seven inches apart. 
     Time to remove the paper from the Command Strips! 
     Now, take you book and lay it on the L bracket binding side out. The back cover will be covering the Command Strip. 
     Push the book firmly onto the strip and hold it there for a minute. After it sticks, leave it for 30 minutes to set. Then, you can stack books. Depending on the anchor you used, you can stack up to 100 lbs. of books on each shelf. 
     Make as many or as few as you need! You can even make designs. These are the shelves we created in our daughter's room and she loves them. They are perfect for small spaces, bookworms, or just interesting decor. 


10/06/2016 1:55am

I sooo need to do this for my granddaughter's bedroom! Great idea!

10/06/2016 2:51am

This is such a cute idea for a kid's bedroom! The one thing I love about it is that anyone can do it and it's not time consuming.

10/06/2016 12:07pm

Such a cute idea. My daughter loves reading so this would be a fun idea for her room when I redo it. Love it!

10/06/2016 3:47pm

Such a neat idea. We have soo many books in our house.

10/06/2016 7:14pm

Ohh! We are redoing my daughter's bedroom in just a couple months and she is in LOVE with this idea. Thanks for sharing!

10/06/2016 9:58pm

Oh my, I love this idea! I am definitely going to have to try it out!

10/07/2016 9:40am

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10/11/2016 1:11am

Too cute!

10/11/2016 6:24am

I love this!

elizabeth miller
10/11/2016 7:52pm

This is a really cute idea. I hate putting up full shelves as they end up just stacked with so much other junk.

10/11/2016 8:02pm

What a great idea! My daughter (a book lover) would love this in her room.

Jeanna Massman
10/12/2016 11:17pm

I never have enough space for my books so this would be ideal.

Renee Walters
10/14/2016 10:00pm

This is such a cute idea! I am going to show it to my husband for my sons room. Thanks!

Faye Gates
10/17/2016 8:10pm

I love this idea. I have now added it to my honey do list.

Angela Williams
10/20/2016 9:41am

We love books and I love this idea and it seems like a project for our home!

Jamie Williams
10/22/2016 5:32am

I really love this. I need the space in my daughters room so this is so helpful. Thanks.

10/26/2016 6:30am

Mind boggling story there. What happened after? Admission thee well!

10/26/2016 10:03am

What a great idea!

10/30/2016 9:04pm

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