In our home we try to be as natural as possible. So, I decided to make my own dryer sheets and it turned out AWESOME! I actually prefer them much better to anything you buy in the store. They take only minutes to make and you control the little or how much you want. Want to learn how to make them? Keep reading! 
So, you are only going to need a couple of things:

A large mason jar or any container with a tight sealing lid. 
White vinegar
cut up old shirts, towels, cloth, etc
Essential oils of your choosing

To begin, cut up your cloth. I make little squares and then stuff them in the jar. I fill it about a third of the way and then add vinegar. Then I add my oil. Here you can be creative. Sometimes I mix scents I like: tea tree and lemon, peppermint and basil. It all depends on your mood. For each layer, you want to use about 25 drops. Or, just use the vinegar if you do not want a scent. The vinegar will not leave your clothing smelling like a salad, I promise! Instead, the vinegar acts like a natural fabric softener. Keep repeating until your jar is stuffed full. Once it is all ready, give it a shake and do some laundry!  I use three small squares for each large load. 

If you want to also make your own detergent, check out my article here! It is all natural and simple to do. 


10/11/2016 1:24am

I am so gonna have to try this!! Thanks for the tip!

10/11/2016 1:27am

We use vinegar, but just put it in a downy ball in the wash! This would work well too!!

Sherri mcjunkins
10/11/2016 1:55am

So cool

Jennifer McConnell
10/11/2016 2:48am

Can't wait to try this.Got to fold my mountain of clean laundry & sort through the outgrown stuff. Whatever is holey and can't be donated will be sacrificed as dryer sheets so I can try this out!

Jennifer Dunkelmann hon
10/11/2016 9:59am

I love this idea. It is so easy too it seems.

Stephanie Scales Campbell
10/11/2016 12:41pm

What a great idea i will have to try this!

Jennifer H.
10/11/2016 6:15pm

What a great idea! This looks fun!

10/11/2016 8:03pm

Well that seems simple enough. Thanks for sharing it.

julie l
10/12/2016 7:32am

This is a great idea! THanks for the tip.

Debbie Welchert
10/13/2016 6:15pm

What a nice way to make cheap dryer sheets. I'll definitely have to try making them.

10/13/2016 7:53pm

Such a great idea.

10/17/2016 9:27am

What's your favorite scent?

10/17/2016 7:59pm

Good idea.

Dotty J Boucher
10/17/2016 9:34pm

I love this idea and thinking of how much money I am going to save , plus I like the idea of adding my own scent to my clothing.

LeAnn Harbert
10/18/2016 1:23am

I've wanted to try making my own dryer sheets.

10/23/2016 4:27pm

This will save me a ton of money every year. Thanks!

10/23/2016 5:47pm

A good money saving idea. I just don't have the patience for it.

Julie Lundstrom
10/26/2016 8:46pm

This would be cool to make natural sheets.

10/28/2016 11:03am

These are neat!

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