In our home we try to be as natural as possible. So, I decided to make my own dryer sheets and it turned out AWESOME! I actually prefer them much better to anything you buy in the store. They take only minutes to make and you control the little or how much you want. Want to learn how to make them? Keep reading! 

     Have a book lover in your life? Then you probably have a million books! We have a ton in our home since we all read. One of our main challenges is finding a way to store them all. So, sometimes we need to get creative. That's where the floating bookshelf comes in. I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back, but I put my own spin on it. The original idea sacrificed a book to create the shelf. GASP! No book lover could ever do that! So, we had to find a way to keep the look and the book intact! Here is what we came up with. Enjoy! 

     With kiddos back in school I have a ton more me time, well in a perfect world I would. It seems like I am just as busy now as I was with all three kids home! So, this week it is all about things I am filling all of my "free time" with. Want some tips? Keep reading! 

     It is super easy to live naturally and free of chemicals. Here in this video we show you how to make an awesome all purpose cleaner using a few items you probably already have at home. Keep reading for instructions! 

     We lo ve to make our own recipes, especially with the kids. Little man is a PB Cup monster so this recipe is a favorite of ours! It is super fun to make and incredibly easy. Every week or so we whip up a batch and I leave them in a container in the fridge as a quick treat...or a bribe for the kids. Want to try it? Here is what you need! 
12 Muffin Cups
1 12 oz package milk chocolate chips
1 c. reduced fat peanut butter (must be reduced fat) 
1/2 c. powdered sugar 
1/4 tsp. salt

Go grab those items and then keep reading! Makes 12 PB Cups. 

  Our family loves nature. We are always outside, camping, hiking, so planting a garden fits into our lifestyle. Did you know that you can make plant any seed you find? I will show you how, and chances are you have everything you need right at home! 
     So, I wanted to try to grow a lemon tree. I will show you how and you can follow along to see if it actually works! It's a work in progress, so we will find out together! This is how we got the seed started. It is an incredibly simple process and it is a great way to get kiddos excited about gardening! 

 I am pretty lazy. I don't spend a ton of time on any beauty regimen and I despise getting dressed up. So, when I read about being able to go days and days without washing my hair, I was all for trying it. Don't judge me. I have three kids, work two jobs, and it takes hours for my hair to air dry. Looking like a model is the last thing on my list. So, I was reading about this thing called going "no poo". Yep, ditching your shampoo, completely. There are a ton of benefits and in the end, your hair looks AMAZING! I promise! 
     I actually started looking into the whole no shampoo thing because I have hair extensions and they kept slipping out. I couldn't figure out why until I did some research and I read how the silicone in shampoo could have such an awful affect on your hair and especially your extensions. I was just throwing money away every time I had them put in, because they would just slip out a few weeks later due to the silicone build up from my shampoo. Then, I went no poo and it all changed. After I ditched the silicone based shampoo, my hair looked amazing, my extensions stayed put, and I get some extra time in between washes! Want to try it? Keep reading! 
One week after "no poo"

      Our family tries to live as chemically free as possible. It is super easy to do and even cheaper than you would realize. I make most things that we use, even our detergent. It takes only minutes to make and the best part is, it is completely free of harsh chemicals and it is organic. See how we make it here! This recipe will give you one gallon of detergent, or 64 loads. Use 1/4 cup of detergent per load. 


  If you love to do your nails as much as I do, then you probably spend a ton on polish remover. I have also found an awesome way to make my own nail polish remover jars that work AWESOME! See how simple it is and you can refill them anytime you need to! It saves time and money. The best part is, you probably have everything you need right in your home! Keep reading for the directions. The whole thing takes under five minutes to make and costs under $1.00 per jar. 


     When I was pregnant with you, I would dream about us shopping together and doing our nails as we talked about your current crush or best friend. I planned your nursery of pinks and soft lavenders, choosing the frilliest of dresses and gowns that were completely impractical. I wanted to give you everything that I never had. We were going to be that mom and daughter you see in movies that have the perfect relationship, have no secrets, and swap clothes as much as they share conversation. 
I had your perfect little life planned out and I would do everything I could to make it happen.