Baby's First Talking Baby Bottle Baby is the perfect baby for your little one this holiday season. It is soft and squeezable, and it also comes with a bottle that allows you to feed the newborn. When you press the bottle to the baby's lips, the baby makes cooing and laughing noises and it happily eats. 

     Every child loves teddy bears, and Bears for Humanity make the perfect holiday gift! When you purchase one of these organic, high quality bears, Bears for Humanity also donates one to a child in need.  

     Everyone loves when their clothes fit great and Nanotex technology is perfect for your child's clothes this holiday season. Nanotex resists spills, controls odor, and prevents wrinkles. Your kiddos are going to look like stars

     Our family adores board games, but it is sometimes a challenge to find a game our littlest family member can play too. The Teddy Bear Game is fun for the whole family, but it is also a wonderful educational tool for tots.