Connect4 Twist & Turn is a fun new twist on a great old game! This is perfect for families like ours that love the older version, and want to try something new and different. 
     This game is wonderful for younger players as it is suitable for ages 6 and up. Two players can play at a time. The game contents include: 1 Connect 4 Twist & Turn game unit, 18 red plastic discs, 18 yellow plastic discs and illustrated instructions.
     Head over to the Winning Moves site to check out Connect4 Twist & Turn as well as many other great gift ideas for your family. 
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08/01/2016 11:12pm

I am looking for this type of toy online. Finally I got it. I am really glad to find this post and I am also thank you for posting the demo video on how to play with this toy which is really interesting one to play.


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