Snug Vest is an incredible vest that allows children or adults with a sensory disorder or an ASD diagnosis to get the "hug" feeling that they crave anytime they want! This vest is amazing. It is easy to use and it feels wonderful for the individual. For the caregiver, it allows them to calm outbursts that they couldn't before control. The Snug Vest is a breakthrough product for children and adults on the spectrum. 
     The Snug Vest uses Deep Pressure Therapy to calm feelings of anxiety. This is a proven science that is therapist and physician recommended. In our home, we have been trying it, and I can personally recommend it. The Snug Vest is a wonderful product that calms my daughter in situations that I couldn't before control. 
     The Snug Vest is a therapeutic tool, but is easy to take on the go. It can easily be worn under or over clothing. There are strict guidelines as to how long the vest should be worn and applied for each application. They should be read and followed, as with any therapy tool. 
     This sort of wearable therapy is amazing. It is really a game changer in the lives of any person with a diagnosis. The vest grows with you or your child, so you will have it for years. There is never pressure placed on the chest or belly area. It will not inhibit motion, and the vest is not cumbersome. When my daughter wears it, she is immediately relaxed. 
     To learn more about this incredible product, visit Snug Vest here. Be sure to also visit them on Facebook and twitter
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12/28/2015 7:14am

I have read about this vest before. Thanks for sharing the video.

Will look up the web to see what other parents think of it.


This is really best product that controlling the ASD diagnosis problem for the children as well as adults. Some of the people are suffering with this problem and this Snug Vest tool is really helpful for the people who are struggling to get rid of this problem.

11/24/2016 10:39pm

Very good article.I have read your article , really very helpful to the childrens and adults suffering with this problem. This can control ASD diagnosis problem in adults and childrens.

07/25/2017 7:16pm

This Snug Vest is really helpful for people with Sensory disorders. I know someone who has been diagnosed with this kind of disorder and there are times that we can't calm him down, his parents are looking for a product that can make him less anxious and make him relax and I think that this product will surely help him. Having this kind of disorder is not really easy and a product like this is really helpful not only to the patient but also to their parents who can't control their children when they experience outbursts.


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