This adorable little book is perfect for your toddler. It is a board book with comes with ten magnets. The animals are bright and magnetic, for play in the book. 
     Contains one play board and one magnet sheet, which includes 10 individual magnets. Open play board measures 14 1/2″ x 8″. Visit the International Playthings site to learn more about this and many more great gift ideas. 
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07/04/2016 10:52pm

This is really a must have book by every parent to show their children as it`s really adorable and i would like to gift this ti my nephew, i am sure he's going to enjoy reading this.

04/07/2017 12:53am

This is the perfect book for my toddler. She's 1 year and 2 months old and I believe she would gonna love this book. I love the magnetic thing, I imagine she can trace the shape of the animals and stick it back to the book. I do hope that this is also safe for kids and non-toxic. I'll attempt to look at this in the market.

01/01/2017 10:05pm

05/06/2017 5:18am

06/26/2017 10:26pm

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