Kidz Bop features today's most popular songs sung by kids, for kids. They are unique because although the CD's feature today's hottest music, the lyrics are kid safe, which is parent approved! 
     Kidz Bop 30 is an amazing line up of the best songs from today. Your kids are going to love this CD! The songs include: Bad Blood, Hey Mama, Cheerleader, Fight Song, and many more great songs. Check out the entire lineup on the Kidz Bop site here
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11/28/2016 5:05am

Kidz bop ought to be in juvi or alcatraz or something. Kidz bop is shrewd! most importantly, they ought to sue kidz bop for copyright. Second, in the event that they dont get in a bad position with that, they ought to be sent to imprison for how loathsome their singing is. The genuine melodies are sufficiently weak, kidz bop just makes them horrendous. You can tell kidz bop are awful good examples in the event that you take a gander at #16. They revamp TI, whos in jail, kanye west whos a big deal snap, and the dark peered toward peas who male i gotta feeling so honest yet when you here imma be its like evaluated m. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to hard of hearing, purchase this collection.


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