Speed Cubes are all the rage, and Rubik's has the ultimate pack for fans. This set from Winning Moves is the perfect gift for any cube lover! 
     Unlike other speed cubes, this pack from Rubik's allows you to customize your cube to make it your own. You can adjust the spring tension, lubricate the moving parts and unleash your inner Speed Cuber!
     Visit the Winning Moves site to see more on the Rubik's Speed Cube Pro Pack and more awesome gift ideas for the holidays! 
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09/06/2016 12:26am

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09/19/2016 3:36am

This video has very show of how to use cube and learn it usage. Many people don`t know how to use that cube and bring all color at one side. This is very tricky thing to do and one must be creative in is mindset to complete it such fast and become pro.


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