Send your Calico Critters on a tropical getaway while you are celebrating the holidays! This super cute playset is perfect for little ones and their little animals to have fun in the sun. The Secret Island Playset is the perfect gift for the holidays, you can play and forget the snow outside!
     I love that this is a great size playset, so multiple kids have plenty of room to play. The set features 2 pools, caves, diving board, swim gear, fish, vine swing, 2 rooms with furniture, and more! The set measures 12″ x 8.75″ x 15″,
     Visit International Playthings to see this and more Calico Critters items that make perfect holiday gifts. Also, be sure to enter the #Ultimate2015HGG Giveaway where one lucky winner will be winning this awesome set! 
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10/30/2016 8:51pm

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03/29/2017 1:24am

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