UglySnuglies are a fun, snuggable stuffed animal that have a hidden surprise in each one. They teach kiddos that you don't have to be perfect to be loved! 
     Inside Porky Panda is a super soft blanket that’s perfect for sleepovers. Krazy Kitty has a light in its tail, so you can read at night, or in the car.  Bizarre Bear has 5 secret pockets so you can hide all of your favorite stuff. Unusual Unicorn has an alarm clock, so you can wake up for school every morning by yourself.  Rowdy Rabbit has a hidden FM radio, so you can listen to all your favorite music. Pouty Pig has a secret piggy bank inside…It’s the perfect place to save all your money. These super soft animals make a perfect holiday gift! 
     Go check out the UglySnuglies site now to order yours! Also, be sure to enter the #Ultimate2015HGG Giveaway so you can win your own UglySnuglie.
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