If you love being outside as much as we do, you will love the Lumi-Niter! This disc is perfect for those outdoor types who still want to keep playing long into the night. 
     Lumi-Niter is a typical throwing disk that you can have a ton of fun with, but when the lights grow dim, you pop in the glow sticks so you can see it fly. The Lumi-Niter is sturdy, polyethylene disc can be used most anywhere – day or night. Glowsticks are easy to use, non-toxic, waterproof and will last 6-8 hours when activated. Translucent discs will enable the light to transmit through the disc, allowing you to illuminate the night sky.
     Go pick up a Lumi-Niter now. This is the perfect gift for that person who loves the outdoors and likes to stay active! 
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11/26/2016 6:36am

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