SuperMe wants your child to be a superhero, no matter where they are! This fantastic backpack from SuperMe allows your kiddo to transform from their normal, everyday self into a superhero, within seconds! Yep, it is a functional backpack too! 
     Simply by pulling the cape out and grabbing their trusty eye mask from the pocket, your child can be a hero any time of day. This is a wonderful idea to inspire young, creative minds. I love that the pack has insulating EVA to keep snacks & drinks fresh.
     Head over to SuperMe to see this and a ton of other items! Let your child be a superhero this holiday! 
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07/13/2016 8:01pm

Thank you for sharing your product with us. I love it when children let their imaginations run wild. It is really good when parents aid them in honing their creativity. And I think this SuperMe backpack is a really cute way of doing such. It seems to be really useful as well since it has an insulating EVA for their snacks and drinks.

09/06/2016 12:23am

this cast has arise a affiliated way.However colossal watches admission their drawbacks in agreement of weight and amplitude encroachment.

03/27/2017 10:29pm

This is awesome! This product will enrich the creativity of kiddos and very useful to them. Kids will surely love it. I think mothers must buy this amazing product for their children. I will recommend this to my mom and friends too. Thank you for sharing your amazing product.


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