Journals of a Lifetime has an incredible selection of books for you to create and personalize just for you and your loved ones. This Mom & Me book is a beautiful way for a mom and their child to write, draw and doodle in tandem … sharing favorites, likes, dislikes, memories, hopes and concerns … then sharing, learning and getting closer along the way.
     Carefully designed questions and prompts take the mum and their child on an enjoyable journey of discovery about family times, holidays, friendships, growing up, school and much more.

 Spaces to draw, doodle and write make Mom & Me easy to use … a gift with a lasting legacy.
     Take a look at the beautiful selection from Journals if a Lifetime here. Also, be sure to enter to win your own Mom & Me journal in the #Ultimate2015HGG Giveaway! 
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08/19/2016 4:50am

Maintaining a journal is very important for a woman. This journal seems so attractive that even those without the habit of writing one may think of keeping it. I really love the cover design and it suits perfectly for every mother.

02/05/2017 3:15pm

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