Billie the Goat is an adorable teether your little one will love chewing on to soothe their sore gums. The bright pastel colors that provide stimulation are PAINT FREE - The color is added in the pigment of the teether toy (much like a toothbrush).
     Made with rubber from the hevea tree, meeno babies presents a collection of the first ever all-natural BPA free teether toys. Perfect for soothing the sore gums of your teething baby. The bright colors that provide stimulation are PAINT FREE! 
     Head over to the meeno site to check out Billlie and all the other awesome meeno products. Also, be sure to enter the #Ultimate2015HGG Giveaway to win a prize pack from meeno babies. 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's


04/02/2016 5:31am

I always like to read a quality content having exact information regarding the subject and the same point I discovered in this blog post. Wonderful work.

06/20/2016 8:34pm

That is a teether? Really? At first, I really did think that it was a stuff toy, which is amazing, because babies and children like stuff toys, making it easier for them to engage in it, because it already is something they are interested in. This really is a very cute and adorable teether for babies to like. I am fond of how people tend to find ways on how they will effectively engage with babies. A baby really is hard to handle and take good care of, because they really do tend to become choosy on things that we use to secure their health, like for example is this teether. By making equipments to match the taste of babies, it makes the job of parents easier, which is great.

07/01/2016 4:18am

Very efficiently written information. It will be valuable to everyone who uses it, including myself. Thanks a lot!

08/21/2016 10:38pm

This really is a very cute and adorable teether for babies to like. I am fond of how people tend to find ways on how they will effectively engage with babies.

09/05/2016 7:58pm

The toy looks so CUTE! I happened to stumble upon this site while I was browsing for gift ideas for my little baby cousin. I thought I'd get something related to Pokemon since it's the craze right now, but I just remembered that my cousin's still just a year and a half old now. Might look for other toys like this that's available near me.



10/21/2016 9:26am

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12/26/2016 3:27pm

Nice toy, I also like billie the goat


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