This little monkey is perfect for little tots! It is soft and lovable and it is a portable basketball game
     Little dribblers shoot and score! Discover rattle or crinkle sounds in each of the four colorful appliqued soft balls. Monkey’s head folds over and closes securely for storage. This is appropriate for ages 9 months and up. 
     Head over to International Playthings to learn more about this great toy and many more wonderful gift ideas for the holidays! 
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05/26/2016 6:32pm

Toddlers require intensive care and attention even when choosing their toys because they are still sensitive and vulnerable to foreign substances that may be found in toys. Recently, it has been reported that toxic plastic toys may pose health hazard to young children. Hence, I think it's best to stay away as much as possible from plastic toys or if not, choose and study the materials used by the product meticulously. I think this soft monkey plushy made out of cotton is a very good alternative as it is toxic free and there are no hard edges that may harm the tot.

05/31/2017 8:57pm

I really liked this little monkey. I think it is one of the best gifts that can be given to my kid. My son always likes to play any game. This little monkey is a portable basketball game too. Thank you so much for sharing this post here!


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