Imagine having a portable island that you can take with you anywhere, that is exactly what the ENO Islander is. This lightweight, nylon blanket is amazing. It has an attached stuff sack for quick clean up, so you can lay your island anywhere. If it is a windy day, it even has stakes to keep it from blowing away! The stakes store in the pocket so you won't lose them. The ENO Islander is totally self contained, and is easy to carry in a backpack or purse. 
     Our family uses our Islander constantly. It is amazing for picnics, trips to the park, hiking, or just laying in a field. We keep ours in our car because you never know when an island will come in handy. This is the perfect gift for a new parent, or even an experienced one! Every outdoor lover will also love the ENO Islander
     Go head over to the ENO site and check out the Islander along with all of the other amazing ENO products. Also, be sure to enter the #Ultimate2015HGG Giveaway to win an ENO Islander of your own. 

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08/07/2016 11:09am

This one is looking good and can be best friend to people who travel most. This blanket can be good in any conditions for picnic; trips will help travelers a lot. One must have this type of islander in their houses which help them in their outing. I want to order this ENO islander for myself.

11/28/2016 3:32am

That is an amazing package for the persons who like to travel and try new lives and their customs there and try to implement their environment on them as well.

11/29/2016 3:45am

I'm going to break travel writer ranks and make a bold but honest statement: the main beaches at Cat Ba island just aren't that marvelous. There. Said it. Shoot me, slander me or write indignant letters to my editor, I don't care.


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