This game is perfect for the smaller players who loved A to Z. Now they can enjoy a junior version that is just for them. The cards are kid relevant and a bit easier. but still filled with hours of family enjoyment. 

     If you are looking for a present that will encourage your child to get creative, this is perfect. This Knot-A-Quilt from Alex Toys is a ton of fun and allows your child to create their very own quilt that they will have forever. 

     Do you have a little one who loves to build? This awesome set from Alex Toys has everything your child needs to build and rebuild over and over again! 

     If your little one loves to get their nails done, they will love this Spa on the go from Alex Toys! It has everything they need to do their nails, no matter where they are! 

     Lil Lockitz are fun little sets that allows children to get creative with their jewelry. These sets allow kids to create bracelets, necklaces and more that all tell a story. You can purchase sets customized with a particular theme you are interested in. If you have a child who wants to express themselves, this is the perfect gift for them!