Do you have the master Lego builder living with you? BrickLoot is the way to surprise them throughout the year! BrickLoot is a subscription box that will have your brick lover racing to the mailbox when it arrives. 

     If you are looking for a present that will encourage your child to get creative, this is perfect. This Knot-A-Quilt from Alex Toys is a ton of fun and allows your child to create their very own quilt that they will have forever. 

     Magformers has a new line of awesome toys that kids of all ages will love. These Magformers are just as awesome as the original but they also include the fun of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Who doesn't love them?

     Smart Games are fun and challenging games designed to play alone or solve as a team. Our family loves to work on the puzzles with our children, it is a ton of fun. The size makes them perfect for travel and awesome stocking stuffers. 

     WAFF makes awesome products that allow you to personalize them using these cute little cubes. Waff notebooks are covered in a hard plastic that have squares all over them and the cubes fir snuggly on. This allows you to add letters, numbers and pictures in any order you wish. 

     Watchitude is a snap bracelet meets a watch meets a super fun design that kids are going to love! The best part is, if you have a design idea of your own, you can submit it on the Watchitude website. If your idea goes to production, you get a free watchitude with your idea on it, and your name on the back of the box with design credit! 

     Do you have a comic book lover in the house or a serious gamer that you know? TeeBlox is a subscription that everyone is going to want to get in the mail! You choose the genre of goodies that you want to receive, then you wait for it to be delivered! A BLOX is valued at over $30, and you're getting it for $12.99.