The Blaze Color Scroller from Alex Toys is the perfect toy to entertain kiddos on the go! So, if you are traveling this holiday season, Blaze is ready to go too! 

     If you have a child who adores dinos, this set from Learning Resources is a must have! The beautifully colored set features both mommies and babies that kids are going to love to play with. 

     Kitty Club are just about the cutest bunch of cats you could want under your tree for the holiday! After all, they don't require food or water and they have super adorable accessories! These make the purrrfect gifts. 

     Looking for the most adorable little zombies anywhere to put under your tree this holiday? Zomlings make the perfect stocking stuffer or present this holiday season. 

     The cute little Worry Eaters are perfect for making your child's fears disappear! These colorful little plush dolls ease your kiddo's worries by "eating" them and making them disappear for good! 

     Do you know a child who has everything? Big Red Rooster makes the perfect gift that they will absolutely love! 
     These super adorable alarm clocks are perfect for children. They are great to add a bit of light when your kiddo is off to bed, they are awesome for learning time, and they add a wonderful character to your child's room!