The Blaze Color Scroller from Alex Toys is the perfect toy to entertain kiddos on the go! So, if you are traveling this holiday season, Blaze is ready to go too! 
     The Blaze Color Scroller comes with 40 images for your little one to color. It also includes 8 crayons which are stored in the drawer. I love that everything is kept in the Blaze Scroller System, so it is completely compact and easy to take anywhere. 
     Check out this and a ton of other awesome toys on the Alex Brands site! 
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12/17/2016 5:31pm

I just found out my grand son is a big fan of this show. I bet he would love this!

01/09/2017 12:01pm

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The Blaze Color Scroller is a nice gift for kids who are interested in painting. This kit entertains the kids and it creates interest in painting.One of my friend purchases this kit and I watch the kit at his house.Very Nice kit. I want to buy a kit to my kid.


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