Fuzzeez are a super fun idea from Orb Factory that allow your little one to design and create their own stuffed animal. The Fuzzeez kit comes with everything they need to make whatever animal they choose. Fuzzeez are available in husky, Siamese cat, lemur, teddy bear, spotted dog, or a tabby cat. 
     The simple system is great for children or for an adult and child to do together. You can check out Fuzzeez and other awesome Orb Factory kits on their site here.  
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01/17/2017 11:29pm

Thank you for this post!

01/17/2017 11:49pm

Wow! They look so great! I want to have these little cuties. For sure, my creative juices will be released here. Through this, I can have more bonding moments with my daughter. May I ask if where can I buy these stuffs. I'm super excited to have one.

04/02/2017 4:12am

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05/30/2017 10:32pm

An endearing toy! I'm pretty sure that the kids will enjoy this kind of stuff. Also the creativity of the kiddos will release here. Mothers will surely purchase it for their children. I also want it for my niece. I will wait for your amazing products!


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