If you are looking for a present that will encourage your child to get creative, this is perfect. This Knot-A-Quilt from Alex Toys is a ton of fun and allows your child to create their very own quilt that they will have forever. 
     This set requires no sewing or cutting, so it is perfect for ages 6 and up. The fleece squares come in 6 bright colors. Kids will be able to knot a 3.5 foot by 4.5 foot quilt in no time! Includes 48 fringed 9 inch squares.
     To learn more about this and many other great Alex Toys, check out their website here. 
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Kelly D
12/17/2016 11:49am

My daughter loves gifts that encourage her creativity.

Robin Creager
12/17/2016 6:47pm

I love this! Great gift to get the kids inspired to be creative to make things. I'd even like to give this a try.

12/18/2016 4:08pm

I actually got this for my daughter this year! I know she will love it!

Erica Pallutch
12/19/2016 7:03pm

My kids would really enjoy this one! Fun and creative way to spend time with them.

Amber Ludwig
12/21/2016 8:25am

LOVE these!! We are a snuggling family so making blankets is so fun for us!!

Terry Poage
01/01/2017 4:39pm

my Grandson's cousin would love a gift like this.

Terry Poage
01/08/2017 3:47pm

Looks like something I would play with.

Lula Ruger
01/09/2017 5:29pm

I really love this ! Kids can be so creative and give a handmade gift !

01/09/2017 9:35pm

My daughter and I would have so much fun making a quilt. Afterwards, she can hang it on her wall.

01/24/2017 3:18am

Often children like the unique toys and things in their play time. These toys look awesome and I am sure kids would love this. I would definitely order it for my nephew.


Alex Toys Craft Knot A Quilt Kit is an accessible toy. This is easy to use and convenient because there is absolutely no cutting, sewing or knitting involved. Kids are going to love this for sure. This has six bright colors which kids for sure are going to enjoy when using. I have already purchased some of this last Christmas and give to my godchildren and stepchildren. This is time consuming and I love this because they are much focus on playing this rather than their gadgets.

04/27/2017 11:58pm

Nice to see these lovely preparations for Christmas.

04/28/2017 12:31am

Quite creative work that little girl is doing.


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