Do you have a little one who loves to build? This awesome set from Alex Toys has everything your child needs to build and rebuild over and over again! 
     This adorable set comes with four cars and the tools to put them together. This drill comes with the following tools: 3 interchangeable drill bits and 28 chunky plastic nuts and bolts. It also includes a practice board and a storage case to keep everything together when your little one isn't building! 
     Check out this and a ton of other awesome toys on the Alex Toys site
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Terry Poage
12/20/2016 6:05pm

This looks like a great gift.

02/09/2017 7:25pm

I think that my niece would really love to have this. I believe that this is something really educational for them since they will gain a lot of improvements from playing this. For example would be their patience, I think this tool will make them more patient because they have to finish building everything first. I wonder though if where can I find this one. Anyway, thank you for sharing this. It is really helpful indeed

09/30/2017 3:21am

My kids would definitely love this! This would be a perfect gift for a birthday or for the holidays. I hope it is not hazardous for little kids. This would definitely shape the kid's creativity and patience. Also, it is a great thing that it has its own storage so it wouldn't be a mess if the kids are not playing it. I would definitely order these online. I would also make sure to check those other toys at alex toys site.

02/05/2018 10:37pm

Back when I was a child, I really liked this kind of toys, building and creating something new for myself. I had once a clay doh toy in which you have to mold the clay something like, foods, plates, drinks, and etc. The clay has a various colors which you can combine and choose from. Also, it has a set of molder for the clay. Together with my friends, we made foods out of it, and set up a restaurant, tea shop, fast food and the likes for our dolls. I also liked building Lego. I could make a house, vehicle, man, and even a community out of those blocks. Those were my fascinating childhood memories. This was very interesting!

Carrie Barron
12/21/2016 11:34am

My son would love this! He plays with something similar at our local children's museum when we go.

12/26/2016 11:56pm

Thanks for showing how this works! I saved it in Amazon because our three year old daughter loves her building with drill sets and I thought she'd like this, too. It looks right up her alley!


Kids are like toys and some toys are creative. Through creative toys we can make them sharp and active. Alex company is much famous f or toys because it give new things in toys.

02/24/2017 7:46am

Really great news!!! this information is well worth looking everyone. Good tips. I will be sharing this with all of my friends! Thank you for sharing valuable information.


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